Beekeeping is a life long education! Here is a reading list for winter months when you can’t peak into the hives, or the rest of the year when you have a bee question that you need answered. 

Bee Magazines

American Bee Journal (USA)

Bee Culture (USA)

Beekeeping Basics Books

ABC and XYZ of Bee Culture- by Roger Morse, An Encyclopedia of Bees, 1st Pub 1877

The Backyard Beekeeper- by Kim Flottum, A beginners guide with large photos

Bee- by Rose-Lynn Fisher, Magnified photos of bee anatomy

The Beekeepers Bible- by Richard A. Jones, Beautiful Almanac on Beekeeping

Beekeeping for Dummies- by Howland Blackiston

The Hive and the Honeybee- Roy A Grout, Everything about Bees

Natural Beekeeping- by Ross Conrad, Organic Approaches to Modern Apiculture

The Practical Beekeeper- by Michael Bush, Beekeeping Naturally

Books on Bee Culture

The Beekeepers Lament- Hannah Nordhaus, Large Scale Beekeeping

Honeybee Democracy- by Thomas Seeley, Decision making as a collective

Bees in America- by Tammy Horn, History of Beekeeping in the US

The Honey Trail- by Grace Pundyk, The Effects of Environment on Bees

Children’s Books

Honey in a Hive- by Anne Rockwell, Grades 1-3, Describes how honey is made

The Life and Times of the Honeybee- by Charles Micucci, Grade 2-4

The Magic Schoolbus Inside a Beehive- by Joanna Cole, Grade 1-4

Planting Guides for Bees

Honey Plants in N America- by John Lovell

Attracting Native Pollinators- Xerces Society

New Mexico Gardener’s Guide- by Judith Phillips, NM plants good for pollinators