Report a Swarm

We have provided a list of our members that are available for collecting bee swarms in different areas of New Mexico. Give a beekeeper a call as soon as possible!

What is a Swarm?
A swarm is formed when a queen bee leaves the original colony with a large group of worker bees, usually in the spring and early summer, but can occur through fall. Swarming is a natural form of reproduction for honey bees. The bees can stay in the cluster for a few minutes to a few days, so call a beekeeper quickly.

Jessie Brown, 505-710-3277
TJ Carr, 505-263-3025 (Foothills and the Heights)
Mike Fickling, 505-228-7869
Harold & Joyce Gonzales, 505-883-0812, 505-264-4539 (c)
Christianne Hinks & Chuck Houston, 505-344-9747
Taylor Horst, 505-217-5200
Paul Kline, 505-507-1948

Mace Kochenderfer, 505-897-4900, 505-480-6108
Mike Kruchoski, 505-480-5000
Amanda & Michael Snow, 505-345-2108
Diana Tanner, 505-270-0381
Tomas Urrea, 505-341-2650
Kate Viers, 505-410-6402

Razz Ma Tazz Berries Bees, 469-245-9874

Raymond Espinoza, 505-861-1693

Bosque Farms
Ken Hays, 505-869-2369

Paul Ammons, 505-235-9648
Tom Nims, 505-980-7833


Jim Marquis, Farmington and surrounding area, 505-320-6276

Mayhill (Southern NM)
Rob Shepler, 575-687-2343

New Mexico
Ron B, 505-804-6794

Chuck Franklin, 505-771-8194

Rio Rancho
Mathew Pickard, 505-404-1592

Kevin Thatcher, 575-973-7422

Santa Fe
Wendy, 505-231-2148
Nicolas Graille, 505-236-3686
Jim Gray, 505-438-4534
Amelia Moody, 505-690-1672
Silver City
Travis Kirkland, 575-534-4716


  1. Raymond Espinoza on May 12, 2014 at 2:05 am

    My name Raymond Espinoza and remove unwanted Honey Bees from most any type of structure, I can perform cut-outs from structures and trapouts. I also do prompt swarm removals and will not cut limbs or damage branches. I have reasonable fees and we accept credit and debit cards. Call me at 505-861-1693 or email me at

  2. DJN on May 18, 2014 at 8:43 pm

    Altura Park Bee capture and swarm capture – 505-672-8387

    If you see bees gathering in the Altura Park area, I’ll come and pick them up.

  3. Roy McCollum on April 4, 2015 at 3:47 pm

    My name is Roy McCollum and can remove unwanted Bees, I do swarm removal in the Tularosa, NM area. Call me at 575-415-5047 or email

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