The Certified Beekeepers Apprentice Program is organized through the New Mexico Beekeepers Association in cooperation with the City of Albuquerque. This comprehensive program provides quality education on backyard beekeeping in the context of responsible urban farming. Classes are taught by recognized, expert New Mexico beekeepers and include supervised, hands-on lessons, using top-bar and Langstroth honeybee hives. As part of the program, students receive a full-color handbook covering the essentials of beekeeping. Students who complete the two-year curriculum and 40 hours of volunteer service will be awarded a Beekeepers Certification.

The program has been developed to achieve six essential objectives:
1. Consistent training in the best practices of backyard beekeeping
2. Development of healthy, gentle hives suitable for an urban environment
3. Community education and outreach
4. Mentoring access for beekeepers
5. Volunteers for community hives
6. Streamlined approach for managing swarms

The 2016 Certified Beekeepers sessions are scheduled for seven Saturdays: April 2, April 23, May 21, June 4, June 25, July 16, August 6

Enrollment in the Certified Beekeepers program includes a paid one-year membership (for 2016) in the New Mexico Beekeepers Association.

Sessions will be held at the City of Albuquerque’s Open Space Visitors Center, located on Coors Blvd. NW.

First-year students may apply online or send the 2016 Certified Beekeepers Program Application via U.S. Mail to this address:
Christina Allday-Bondy, Certified Beekeepers Program
25 Wildlife Tr, Edgewood, NM 87015

For more information:
[email protected]