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    • Hello all, I’m new to bee keeping and i’m looking for a local group in the Farmington 4 corners area. I have one longstroth hive and, I’m waiting for my first order of bee’s to come in. very excited but, afraid I will loose my bee’s. glad I found this site.


    • Hello, I’m new here too. I am in Bloomfield. My husband raised bees as a kid. We are in our 2nd year of beekeeping here. Our bees bought at IFA last year have done great! We caught a swarm last fall in Aztec and provided a hive for them there. We just picked up more bees Saturday. Good luck!

      • mine are coming from Pigeon mountain bee keeping. sometime around my 27th. a little late but, I had a hard time finding any packages. there’s a guy down in albq area that might have some left.

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