Howdy beekeepers. The NM State Fair is coming up. Let’s pack the shelves with our honey entries. It’s easy and fun to enter your products. Can’t get to Albuquerque for the event? You can always mail your entries. Guess what, there is also a Juniors division!

Here is detailed information on entering your honey, hive products and photos to the NM State Fair:

Entry Dates are September 9-10. You can enter:

Honey (Cut Comb, Chunk Comb, Extracted Honey)

Beeswax (Pure Beeswax, Beeswax Products)


There are also 3 divisions:

1. Amateur

2. Commercial- If you have any yard N of I-40 where 15 or more colonies are located, or S of I-40 where 25 or more colonies are located. 

3. Junior- Age 18 and under

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