NM Beekeepers Association June News

Good morning NM Beekeepers. Here is some information about activities around our state.

NM Plants for Pollinators
As National Pollinator Week approaches, June 16-22, take the time to stroll around your area to find what plants the bees, butterflies and wasps are gathering around. If you want to know more about plants for pollinators, the New Mexico State University is collaborating with the NRCS Plant Materials of New Mexico in testing more than 100 (mostly native) plants for their ability to attract pollinators and other beneficial insects. You can find information from these trials at Pollinator Project.

Upcoming Events
NM Beekeepers Association presents Dr. Lawrence Connor, July 19, 2014, Albuquerque, NM, “8 Steps to Sustainable Beekeeping” and “Queen Management Techniques.” Dr. Connor is a renowned entomologist and researcher, and is wonderful at breaking down very complex ideas into simple to understand tips for your own bee yard. For more information about the event: Dr. Lawrence Connor

This Saturday, June 7, 9:30-12:00 pm, the NM Beekeepers have been invited to join the NM Native Plant Society for a Pollinator walk with Dr. Dave Dreesen at the NRCS site, Los Lunas. Kindly RSVP: NRCS Pollinator Walk

CANCELLED- Unfortunately, the 2014 North to South, NM Pollinator Benefit Lecture Series, Top Bar Hive Beekeeping: Wisdom and Pleasure, Dr. Wyatt Mangum, June 6th and Field Practicum, June 7th has been cancelled.

Do you have an upcoming beekeeping event, or an event celebrating Pollinator Week in your region? Post it directly to nmbeekeepers.org. Sign in, go to the black tab up top, select events and add an event

In Addition
If you are a member of the American Beekeeping Federation, you can log on to their website and hear our own Joran Viers speak about Making and Keeping Good Neighbors. As always, Joran is engaging and fun.

Beeks around the state
Join the Sangre De Cristo Beeks in Santa Fe every last Thursday of the month.

Join the conversation with the Southern NM Beekeepers.

The Albuquerque Beeks meet on the first Thursday, every month in Albuquerque. Les Crowder is in town speaking about queens tonight from 6:30-8:30 pm.


If you haven’t seen our new website, check it out at: nmbeekeepers.org

If you ave something to sell, post it directly to our classifieds section under resources
Join a group to find beekeepers near you in our Groups Area
Thank you to all who have been working hard collecting swarms and removing bees around NM.

Jessie Brown

President of the NM Beekeepers Association


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