2019 Annual Conference Scedule

Friday, February 1
12:00-1:00PM Doors Open for Registration
1:00-1:15PM MC Frank Gibbons, Ph.D. – Welcome and Introductions
1:15:2:15PM Michael Bush – Natural Cell Size for Varroa Control
2:20-3:00PM Steve Baca – Pesticide Labels and Pollinator Protection
3:00-3:20PM BREAK
3:25-4:00PM Lu Lu Sage – Viruses & Fungi & Parasites, Oh My! Honey Bee Disease
Transmission to Bumble Bees
4:05-4:40PM Kenneth Sexton, Ph.D. – To Bee or Not to Bee: Grant County Beekeepers, Growing while Facing a Bee Ordinance
4:45-5:00PM Mark Sommer – Under the NMBKA Umbrella: Starting a Local Club
5:00PM Meet, Greet, Refresh
Saturday, February 2
8:45AM Doors open for Registration
9:30-9:40AM Dr. Frank Gibbons- Welcome and Introductions
9:40-10:20AM Tina Sebestyen – Understanding the Queen, Her Effects, Optimal
Development, and Retirement
10:25-11:05AM Michael Bush – Swarm Prevention and Splits
11:10-11:45AM Judith Phillips – Bee-utiful Garden Design
11:45-1:00PM LUNCH
1:00-1:15PM Frank Gibbons – Introductions and Announcements
1:15-2:00PM Wes Brittenham – Gardening at Los Poblanos–Sweet Dreams and Other Things
2:00-2:40PM Sue George, JD, and Sara Van Note, Wild Friends New Mexico – Kids Hit the Road! Driving Pollinator Protection in New Mexico
2:40-3:00PM BREAK
3:00-3:40PM Michael Bush – Top Bar Hives, Pros and Cons
3:45-4:00PM Rob Koonce, Ph.D. –Bee Communication and Social Intelligence
4:15-5:00PM General meeting and election of officers

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