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April 2019 Pollinator News is Out!

You can read it here by creating an account on (NMBKA’s Social Networking Website) and clicking on the news forum.

News Letter Topics

  • RT25: EPA Updates the Data
  • Are We Approaching The Next Silent Spring?
  • A Troubling Discovery in the Deepest Ocean Trenches
  • Honey Bee Colony Numbers
  • Bee Microbiomes
  • Podcasts for Beekeepers
  • Interior Nominee Intervened to Block Report on Endangered Species
  • Find An Eco-Professional
  • Pollinator Week: How will you educate & advocate in your community?
  • Feed the Pollinators; Plant Today
  • Protection Sought for Vanishing Native Bee Found in Florida
  • Nonprofit Bee Club Resources: Can’t We All Just Disagree?
  • Plan to Expand Your Beekeeping & Pollinator Education

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