local-honey-bee-removal-albuquerque-Rio-Rancho-505-500-4780Many of our members have experience in removing bees from your home, business or garden. Call us preferably in the spring or summer to give the bees a chance to survive the winter after we have removed the colony. Most beekeepers charge for this service because of the time, resources and education needed to remove bees.


Albuquerque  Area

Albuquerque Beekeepers (ABQ Beeks)

Website: https://abqbeeks.org/page/swarm-call-list


Alamogordo & Ruidoso Area

Sacramento Mountains Beekeepers

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/483236118374096/

Point of Contact: Rob Sheplar, (575) 687-2343, , sells honey


Belen/Valencia County Area

Raymond Espinosa (505) 861-1693, 


Bosque Farms Area

Ken Hays (505) 869-2369


Carlsbad Area

Pecos Valley Beekeepers Association

Efrain Nieto (575) 302-0737


Clovis Area

High Plains Beekeepers

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1670238479881226/

Point of Contact: Paul Hopkins


Cotton City/Hildago County Area

Southwest NM Beekeepers

Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2299960260060163/

Point of Contact: Kyle Josefy (575) 496-1037


Farmington Area

Jim Marquis (505) 861-2360


Las Cruces Area

Paseo Del Norte Beekeepers Association

Website: https://pdnbeekeepers.org/reportaswarm/

Point of Contact: Tom Soltero (505) 934-2178


Red Rock/Grant County

Red Rock Honey Co.

Website: https://redrockhoneycompany.com

Point of Contact: Lynn Whatley  (5o5) 269-8199


Roswell/Artesia Area

Pecos Valley Beekeepers Association

Point of Contact: Hugo Hernandez  (505) 410-1781  email: hherna01@gmail.com

Kevin Thatcher (575) 973-7422


Santa Fe Area

Sangre De Cristo Beekeepers

Website: https://sdcbeeks.org/report-swarm/


Santa Teresa and El Paso Area

Paseo Del Norte Beekeepers Association

Website: https://pdnbeekeepers.org/reportaswarm/

Point of Contact: Josh Meier (830) 357-8207


Silver City/Grant County Area

Grant County Beekeepers

Website: https://www.grantcountynmbeekeepers.org/bee-removal

Any beekeeper group or individual beekeeper may ask to be included by contacting NMBKA at

updated March 28, 2020

Policy adopted March 25, 2020:

NMBKA will publish on the our website,  “Report a Swarm NM” and “Bee Removal NM”  pages with beekeepers, as a community service for the state of New Mexico. 

    • A beekeeper organization that provides this service for a given area, will be listed as a contact, along with previously vetted beekeepers.  
    • A beekeeper requesting to be added to the page, the local beekeeper organization may request not to list the beekeeper, for cause.
    • Any beekeeper listed on the page will be vetted for experience, responsiveness and a reliability. 


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    • Travis Kirkland on March 3, 2019 at 1:48 PM

      How do I get on this list? I am in Silver City and get frequent word of mouth swarm calls. Thanks
      Travis Kirkland, Silver City, 575 590 2684

  2. Raymond Espinoza on January 14, 2019 at 5:10 PM

    Hi, Thank you for visiting this page, Please note Antiguasdelnorte Honeybee Rescue Farm is licensed and insured to perform Live Honeybee removals. We do not engage in asking for a donation we will tell you the exact maximum charge or if you are receiving a free early season removal we will not ask for a donation. I perform 10 to 20 FREE cut out removals a year. We also remove Swarms for free in our service area. We have a very high success rate and we keep the bees for our pollination and bee propagation efforts.

    “Help us to Help Honeybees with People Problems”.

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