Bee Removal

Many of our members have experience in removing bees from your home, business or garden. Call us preferably in the spring or summer to give the bees a chance to survive the winter after we have removed the colony. Most beekeepers charge for this service because of the time, resources and skill needed to remove bees.


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Any beekeeper group or individual beekeeper may ask to be included by contacting NMBKA at

Policy adopted March 25, 2020:

NMBKA will publish on the our website,  “Report a Swarm NM” and “Bee Removal NM”  pages with beekeepers, as a community service for the state of New Mexico. 

  • A beekeeper organization that provides this service for a given area, will be listed as a contact, along with previously vetted beekeepers.  
  • A beekeeper requesting to be added to the page, the localbeekeeper organization may request not to list the beekeeper, for cause.
  • Any beekeeper listed on the page will be vetted for experience, responsiveness and a reliability.