Buy New Mexico Honey

This list can help you find local honey harvested here in New Mexico, maybe even in your own neighborhood. Many of the people on this list do not have a store front, but sell from their homes or at Farmer’s Markets. Honey is usually harvested between May and October and is quickly sold out by the end of the season, so make sure to stock up before winter!

NM Farmer’s Markets– Find a local Farmer’s Market near you



Altura Honey and Bees,, sells honey

Ion Bobonea, 505-717-6180, [email protected]

Matt Henry, 505-897-8631, [email protected]

Paul Kline, 505-507-1948, [email protected]

Rose Walker, Le Jardin Verde Community Garden, 505-804-1113, sells honey and beeswax


Belen, Los Lunas

Raymond Espinoza, 505-861-1693, [email protected], sells beeswax, pollen and propolis, honeybee nucs,


Bosque Farms

Hays Honey & Apple Farm, 505-869-2369, sells beeswax, pollen and propolis



Paul Ammons, 505-235-9648, [email protected], sells honey and beeswax

Tom Nims, 505-980-7833, [email protected], sells honey and beeswax



Papa Bears Honey, 505-281-7851, [email protected], sells honey, beeswax



Rob Shepler, 575-687-2343, [email protected], sells honey


Santa Fe

Maria Cruz, 505-670-2769, [email protected], sells honey






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