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Beekeeping Basics

Abq Beeks, Wes Brittenham, May Meeting

Flowers! Bees love ’em! Wes Brittenham of Plants of the Southwest in Albuquerque will tell us which ones to plant to keep our bees happy and healthy. Wes spoke at the Abq Beeks May 2015 Meeting.  

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Read and Research, The Winter Beekeeper

Paul Kline Our beekeeping journey began with a flash, a clap of thunder – and a bolt of lightning hitting my son, Sebastian, in the chest. The shock stopped his heart and scrambled his neurocircuitry. His physical and cognitive rehabilitation included small carpentry projects and gardening, which in turn led him to a fascination with…

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Strategic Planning for Apiary Location

Reprinted from Kelley Beekeeping Newsletter, Jan 2015 Phill Remick Beginning beekeepers have so many concerns occupying their bee-fuddled minds! First and foremost is deciding exactly where to place the apiary. Here is a basic strategy for planning this crucial endeavor. Are there other colonies in the area? Take a spin to see if you can…

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Think Global, Breed Local

By Melanie Kirbie The good news: everybody wants to help save the bees. In fact, ever since the term “Colony Collapse Disorder” gained prominence in 2006, increased public awareness of the plight of the pollinators has inspired a small beekeeping renaissance. Concern over this global issue has motivated many to become beekeepers – stewards of…

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