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Hive Maintenance

March Newsletter

Our latest newsletter can be found here: NMBKA Newsletter March 2016 In this issue: 2016 Annual Meeting Recap, Jessie Brown Changing Seasons, Changing Habits, Protecting Pollinators, Anita Amstutz Make Money Beekeeping, Joe Wesbrook The Art of the Cut-Out, Mike Kruchoski AHPA Spotlights Bee Health, Honey Quality, Raymond Espinoza Enjoy! The Board of the NM Beekeepers Association…

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An Aspiring New Beekeeper Reports from the 2015 North American Beekeeping Conference & Tradeshow Mike Nakamura Until recently, my most memorable experience involving honeybees was being stung on the neck while riding my motorcycle. I’m happy to report that attending the American Beekeeping Federation’s 2015 North American Beekeeping Conference & Tradeshow in Anaheim, CA (right…

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Read and Research, The Winter Beekeeper

Paul Kline Our beekeeping journey began with a flash, a clap of thunder – and a bolt of lightning hitting my son, Sebastian, in the chest. The shock stopped his heart and scrambled his neurocircuitry. His physical and cognitive rehabilitation included small carpentry projects and gardening, which in turn led him to a fascination with…

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Strategic Planning for Apiary Location

Reprinted from Kelley Beekeeping Newsletter, Jan 2015 Phill Remick Beginning beekeepers have so many concerns occupying their bee-fuddled minds! First and foremost is deciding exactly where to place the apiary. Here is a basic strategy for planning this crucial endeavor. Are there other colonies in the area? Take a spin to see if you can…

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