Honeybee Survey

Science Hobbyists Needed for a National Study

Are you a science hobbyist? We need your help with a new National Science Foundation sponsored research study that will investigate the characteristics and educational experiences of people who are active in science hobbies. More and more people are engaging in science hobbies; schools and science centers would like to know more about the characteristics…

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Need Help for Nationwide Honeybee Survey

We are running out of time! We are looking for Bee Yards close to the Albuquerque area that have 8 or more hives on a single property to take samples for the National Honeybee Survey. Want to participate? Great! Contact Joe Wesbrook at [email protected] or 505-515-7973 or Greg Watson at 575-646-3207. NMDA, in conjunction with…

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Nationwide Beekeeper Survey for Pesticide- Related Bee Kills

My name is Sandra Bustos, I am research assistant at Pesticide Research Institute and we are working with beekeepers from around the country to look at some of the effects of pesticides on beehive health. At the moment, we are looking at the immediate effects that pesticides may have on beehives, and are trying to understand if there…

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Abq Beeks Yearly Survey

If you live in the Albuquerque area and haven’t filled out the yearly survey put out by the Abq Beeks, now is your chance. You have until May 15th! 13 Questions About Beekeeping in Albuquerque

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Bee Informed National Management and Winter Loss Survey

Dear Beekeepers-   The Bee Informed Partnership is a large collaboration between research institutions, Universities and beekeepers from all over the country. We are funded for 5 years by USDA/NIFA (U.S. Department of Agriculture/National Institute of Food and Agriculture).  If you have taken the National Winter Loss survey anytime in the past 5 years, that…

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