2021 Summer Conference August 7, 2021

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2021 Winter Conference
February 6, 2021

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Session One – Introduction & Randy Oliver

Managing Varroa: Understanding Mite Population Dynamics, Best Timings for Treatment, and Progress on Selective Breeding for Varroa Resistance

Session Two – Robyn Underwood & Margarita M Lopez-Uribe

Panelists – Kate Whelan, John Gagne and Craig Noorlander

Beekeeping Philosophy and the Range of Options of Management Practices

Session Three – Keith Delapane

What Bees in Nature Can Teach Us

Session Four – Ramesh Sagili

Honey Bee Nutrition: What We Know and Need to Know

Session Five – Keith Delaplane

Mutiny and Other Things That Can Go Wrong (Besides Mites)

Session Six – Randy Oliver

2020 Hot-Weather Trial of Varroa Treatments and Update on Extended-Release Oxalic Acid 

2020 Winter Conference

 Click on images for a larger view                Top row, left to right -Hilary Kearney (Girl Next Door), Megan Mahoney, Steve Baca

                                                                         Second row, left to right- Vendor area

2019 Winter Conference

Click on images for a larger view                Top row, left to right -Michael Bush, Mark Sommer, Sue Sebestyan, Judy Phillips

                                                                         Second row, left to right- Wes Brittenham, Sue George, Vendor area

                                                                         Third & fourth row – Vendors area