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    Hello all,

    I recently received a 10 frame hive for Christmas and am excited to start as a beginner beekeeper. Any suggestions for where to buy bees (I am in the Roswell area)? Was thinking it’s probably best to start with a nuc? Will potentially end up buying another hive, as from what I’ve read it’s best to start with two if possible. Any suggestions and/or mentorship would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Alexa,
      Congrats on the new hive box. You are in for a lot of fun, work and a bit of heartache. My suggestions would be to read as much as you can and find a mentor close to you.
      Tom is right that Ken Hayes is a great resource for information and nucs. James Lynn Whatley, of Redrock Honey Company, is also a good place for nucs. They will be available in April. You can find him on Facebook.
      Another source is Papa Bear http://papabearshoney.com/index.html He sells packages of bees. These are a bit harder to get going, but doable.
      There are a couple of local Facebook groups you may want to follow: Sacramento Beekeepers and Paseo Del Norte Beekeepers. Check and see if there are any groups in your area.
      Have fun and good luck,

    • Alexa, that’s great bees are very very cool. Roswell Seed sells bees sometime in March or April they get them from some where in Texas. I purchased some bees from Noble Bees in California they where the best bees so very gentle. I have attempted not to purchase bees but to do cut outs and capture swarms from the local area in Roswell. Eventually your first hive will need to be split so the bee hives multiply rapidly. The thing about beekeepers is if you have 4 beekeepers in the room you will have 5 different opinions.

    • Thank you all for the suggestions. Will definitely check out those suggestions and Facebook groups! I really appreciate all the help.

    • Oh I forgot about this group on FB