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    Hello! Fellow beekeeper’s advice needed please! My sister and I inherited two established hives. Both langstroth, two stack and 3 stack without queen excluders. 10 frames in each. A neighbor friend who keeps bees came over today to help open them and take a look inside. Both hives smelled good, had visibly good looking brood, some honey and lots of bees! Greg suggested that hives look overcrowded and offered to bring a queen excluder and a super box with 9 frames for each hive to offer them some extra room. Looking for another opinion on whether it is a good idea to be adding supers at this time of year? We have pretty much zero experience to be making this decision, except for the neighbor’s advice based on today’s inspection. He said certainly it looked too crowded in there. Wondering, if our hives are crowded and we DON’T add a super, would they make it trough the winter having limited space? Would we loose bees? Or would they benefit from being offered some extra space, regardless of it being September? What would you do? We are located in Lyden, NM, north of Espanola. We appreciate all the advice we can get, thank you so much!

    • Update: decided to put the supers on this coming Wednesday. Will give them sometime and inspect again to see if there is any activity in the super.

      • Hi Desiree,

        I was talking to Craig Noorlander. My experience with Langs is no where near as good as his, but I didn’t like the idea of you adding supers. Santa Fe (mostly) is in a dearth from what I’ve seen. I’m having to feed up there. Anyway, Craig tells me he’ll be in Santa Fe this week and he’s willing to come and give you some advice. I recommend you take him up on this because he’s a fantastic beekeeper and mentor. If you want to contact him, you can reach him through his website, Papa Bear Honey. I can’t give out his contact information on a public forum. If you want to call him, call me at 5054803157 and I’ll get you in touch with him.