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    • I have land in Rio Rancho West and a home in town. I’d like to offer bee placement in exchange for learning and honey.

      • Bethany, saw your request to join Certified Beekeepers group. I have to reject it because this is a closed group to students of the program only. I also see you’re looking to put bees out on your property. I would suggest you also post to abqbeeks.org. Some questions you may be asked are:

        1. Do you or your neighbors use pesticides?
        2. What kind of forage is there for bees on your property?
        3. How can your property be accessed? Does the beekeeper need to call ahead?
        (this latter question may be important as bee time has nothing to do with human convenience. If bees are ready to swarm or they have an issues, beekeepers often need to access the colonies immediately)
        4. Do you have any pest problems likes skunks, ants, etc?
        5. Do you have pets that could be problematic for a beekeeper?
        6. Why are you looking to place bees on your property?