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    • Hi Leanne,
      My name is Leah Atkinson, and I live in Los Ojos. Where do you live? I’m trying to get to know Beekeepers in my area. I am new to beekeeping, and don’t yet have bees. I’m taking the NMBKA Certified Beekeepers Apprentice Program year 1. If you have a chance, I’d like to learn about you and your bees.

      • Hi Leah, I live in Los Alamos and am a total newbie! I purchased bees this year and bought a top bar hive. Unfortunately, I have had some setbacks and my wee bees are not doing well. I probably only have a few hundred left from the thousands I received in the package. I think you have my telephone number now so let me know if car pooling would be an option for you. Thanks!
        Leanne Arnold

        • Hi Leanne,
          Well now, I guess I’m a little slow! Of course I know you from the Apprentice Program. I’m sorry to hear about your bees. I feel I don’t know enough to get my bees. I did get one of the C-B Hives ( Top bar designed by TJ Carr). However, now I’m thinking this may have been a mistake, as it may not be the best suited for high elevation. I’m at 8,000 feet. Yes, let’s car pool. I’ll give you a call!