• Kenneth Lee Henderson posted an update in the group Group logo of Southern New Mexico BeekeepersSouthern New Mexico Beekeepers 6 years, 1 month ago

    I visited my 4 hives yesterday. What uber beek Paul McCarty would have done in a few hours took me most of the day.
    The 3 Rivers hive is doing well with 17 out of 20 frame sides showing comb. I removed the 3 outer frames from the bottom box which had comb and honey and placed them into the top box I installed hoping to draw the bees into the top box. There was a lot of cross combing and I was reluctant to disturb the central mass to check on brood but there was evidence of lots of honey production. The honey is very light and clear.
    The Dewey swarm hive has filled 1/2 of the top box installed maybe a month ago. They are very strong and somewhat aggressive.
    The Toilet Tank is still battling wax moths. The center section of the hive is still 5 frames with no signs of moths. The moths seem to favor the open areas.
    They have expanded some but not rapidly. I would say I still have 6/8 sides with little or no comb. I guess something needs to be done here. Suggestions?
    The Lonesome Dove swarm hive had filled the top box half full of comb. Didn’t remove it to check the bottom box. I double boxed this swarm immediately because of the sheer number of bees. They have been under my “care” for only a month now. They are wicked strong and still very mellow.
    I have some questions but they never seem to get answered when I include them in a report. I will post them later.