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    I have a problem. Just got back from my new cutout. The bees were covering the stoop and about 2 inches up on the side, about 200 bees or so maybe. I couldn’t figure out how to screen them up for transit. I’m going to go back about 3 or 4 AM but if they are still out?
    Does anybody have any ideas for me?

    • Ken,
      Hopefully they will all be in. If their not and it’s only a couple hundred bees, I’d be tempted to screen them as best I can and move the bulk of them. If they have accepted the new home, smoke might help move them in. If vacuuming them is an option, that might be worth a try but more might keep coming. All of this advice is untested and worth the paper its not written on. They make netting for covering truck loads of bees but us little guys don’t have such things.

      • I was thinking about trying some smoke. I’m hoping maybe it was still too warm to go to bed. Wish I had a game bag but I don’t know how I would go about getting it over them.
        It would be hard to seal them off without losing a lot I think. As I was stapling they would be boiling out.
        2300 and still 80 degrees. hope it cools off some.

        • I use duck tape to put the screen in place. A lot less fuss from the bees.

          • I’m laughing because every time I pulled my duct tape out yesterday to use it, all that got taped were a bunch of small rocks from the rock yard! Man, what a mess! I seem to have an inability to pull tape off a roll and have it go where I want it. It sticks to itself or anything not needing to be taped. Duck and clear packing tape seem to be the worse. I’m a whiz with electrical tape though.
            I may try the Rob Shepler method of “no screening needed” next time.