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    I want to say how much I enjoyed my new Brushy Mountain Master Beekeeping Suit on this cutout. I ordered it with both the hat and domed veils that zip on. Paul McCarty, the domed veil is the cats a– for cutouts under stuff or in close quarters. It is 100% cotton and cooler than my old coveralls and the zip on veil doesn’t let any unwanted visitors in.
    After yesterdays cutout it is now properly broken in, filthy dirty and covered in honey and squished bees. Nice having the proper equipment finally and worth every penny I spent!

    • And I love my goatskin gauntlets too! Best of all, no stings so far!

    • I am very happy with mine too. The gloves they sell are great – so far – no little darling has penetrated. Same for the suit…

      • Mine came from Brushy Mountain, too. They fit well and have saved me from numerous stings. Only once did a stinger come through and just barely. It was my fault. I went to pick up a bar of comb without looking to see that there were bees congregating where I placed my hand and gripped. Poor bee did what came natural as someone was crushing the life out of it. Won’t make that mistake again.