• Albert Chubak posted an update in the group Group logo of East Mountains BeekeepersEast Mountains Beekeepers 3 years, 6 months ago

    Can anyone tell me what issues are faced in the East Mountains of New Mexico? I would suspect AHB. Mostly Italian honey bees? All deeps, or do some have mediums? Issues with bears?

    • Mostly too cold for AHB. There is a chance of bear problems. If you contact NM dept of Game and Fish they may still have some electric fences you could put around your have area to deter them. More of a problem in very dry years. Deeps, mediums, or top bars all do ok with some good site selection. Wind block would be a good idea if possible.

      The main issue is limited resources for the bees. You will a longer winter season, limited spring flowers, dry and very limited resources till July rains, great flow and then taper off into early fall. Some years have poor spring and summer moisture/flowers. A hive or two can do good in an area with some help. If you’re in the forested parts the number of hives one location could support would be limited.

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