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    Hello everyone! New beekeeper here in Hobbs. I’m excited to have found this site alive and buzzing andI look forward tto interacting with others here in Southern New Mexico! I currently have two ten frame hives and will be starting a two frame nuc on Friday. Is there anyone in or around Hobbs that would like to chat? Thank you!

    • How are the nucs coming along?

      • The two frame nuc is doing well. They love their new queen more than the candy in her cage. 7 days and wouldn’t touch the candy so i ended up doing a direct release yesterday. She tried to fly but went in the box like she owns it. That’s also how she walks on the brood frame. I guess the hive equipment belongs to them not us lol. My bees got very unhappy yesterday. I changed out all hive stands to blocks on 4×4 rails so more hives can be made, but no sings so all is good! They stopped eating the feed i put in so I took half off leaving them with top hive inner feeders so I can tell when the nectar flow stops in Hobbs. My two 10 frame hives are doing very well also with tons of pollen coming in. They bee happy and bee hiving a great time! How’s the rest of New Mexico bees doing?

        • Good to see the interaction. Kirk, I am going to be in Hobbs sometime within the next week. Probably next weekend and would like to drop in and meet you. Regards, Bob Reneau, VP NMBKA

        • Good to hear that the 2-frame nucs are doing well. I plan to use 3-frame sections in a queen hotel. So a total of 9 frames in a box with 3 separate rooms to create 3 separate queens. I have heard that 3 frames have more bees to control hive beetles and other pests. But a queen hotel could produce one more queen by putting 2 frames in each room. So I am interested to hear about your progress.