• Mark Sommer posted an update 1 year, 9 months ago

    Have to share this with everyone since I can’t imagine this is a really common experience. Yesterday my wife, Beth, and I were working with Kate Whealen as part of Level II top bar hands on experience. BTW, she’s great!

    We were working two hives in La Cienega in an apiary with three hives. The first two hives had colonies and the third did not. Just split a hive and did maintenance on the second. We were closing up and the bees were calming down. Suddenly we heard a huge buzz. I looked to both hives but couldn’t see where it was coming from. Kate looked up and said, “Here comes a swarm!’ It was amazing. It was raining bees in a swirl all around us and they headed straight for the third hive. We watched as they gathered and saw the queen land on a bar atop the hive. Kate moved the bar by the entrance and in she went. It was a totally amazing experience to see a colony find a home!

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