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    Swarm Call!
    I just got a call from the County Extension Office saying a Lady in Chaparral has a basketball size swarm of bees in a small tree. she would like someone to get them. Her name is Veronica Sierra at 216 Arch Angel Chaparral, NM. Her phone number is 575=812-9563


    • Ralph, how would you go about catching and transporting these bees back to here?

      • Since they are in a swarm I would shake them directly into a box if possible. When I talked to her and she said the tree could be pulled up so it must be small. She seemed more concerned about getting rid of the bees than saving the tree but I think she would prefer to keep the tree. It would be good to verify you do not need a ladder before going and also verify the address. As far as transporting, if you get the bulk of them in a box you could bring them home but explain to the lady she will have some stragglers around for awhile that will eventually disperse. Otherwise I would wait until night and hopefully most will be inside. Give me a call if you want to talk.

        • I am going to Anthony tomorrow for beer. Think I might call her and if they are still there, take a box, shake them in, go on to Anthony and get the kegs, and pick them up on the way back. I couldn’t hang around until it gets dark I don’t think.
          What do you think? Maybe I should just shake them and screen them on the way back through Chaparral?
          Advice anyone?

          • Give it a try. You might take the vacuum along to clean up bees that may be hanging around the tree where the swarm was. Give her a call, if they are still there this time of day they should still be there for awhile in the morning.

    • Called her about 9. No answer. Left message and phone #.