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    Africanized honey bees are established in NM and AZ and TX and elsewhere. They are a problem for beekeepers, but less of a problem for the general public. I helped with the first identification of AHB here Grant County more than a decade ago, when a pit bull dog was stung to death. He was on a rope and could not escape.

    • Greetings, Southern New Mexico Beekeepers. This is Patrick Pynes, President of the Northern Arizona Organic Beekeepers’ Association (NAOBA). I learned beekeeping while living in Alburquerque’s South Valley during the 1990s. That was before the more highly defensive bees originally from South Africa and Tanzania made their way northward.
      Here in…[Read more]

  • I’m thinking of picking up a package of the Honeyhive Farms bees when they are delivered to Las Cruces next Spring. But what about their Varroa resistance. Anybody tried them?

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