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  • Getrud joined the group Group logo of Northern New Mexico BeekeepersNorthern New Mexico Beekeepers 3 years, 7 months ago

    • Hi all. I am thinking about starting a hive in my Albuquerque backyard. I have no experience with beekeeping yet. My wife is really worried about having bees around my 9 year old and his friends that often come over to play in the backyard. The yard is about 50×50 feet and I was thinking of putting the hive against the wall at one end. Does anybody have any suggestions on how to best do this or is it no a good idea to mix bees and playing kids? Thank you.

      • Hi, Tobías
        I think that 50 yards is not very much (minimum length of human distance required where I live is 170 yards). Unless your bees are turned back to the wall -which won’t be the case- they need a space in front of them, free of invaders. In very busy periods, you will have to keep a constant eye on your kids, whether there is a ball accidentally thrown to their hives, or someone running around… Whatever. We did have for a time one “observational” hive attached to the upper wall of our house. Bees were set high enough to fly with no bothering and we could observe their activity by making a transparent side, covered with a cloth that we lifted when we wanted to see their doing. But that was only one hive… In any case,, my advice is not to do it in such a reduced space. Cheers and good luck!

        • Hi Natalia, thank you for your reply and insights. I am thinking now of placing the hive behind my shed, i.e. between shed and back wall. There is a 5.5 ft wide space between the shed wall and the back wall and I could place it so the hive opening could be facing east. I think in that way they would be much more protected. How does that sound?

          • Hi, Tobias. I see that you really love bees and I understand your eagerness to put hives. Yet, you must think also in practical terms, and then decide: you shall need space to operate in your hives (checking out, taking the honey, replacing hive boxes and applying prophylaxis protocols…) It won’t be comfortable. 5,5 feet is too small a space, for you and for your bees. Can’t you put them at the other side of the wall, or is it private space? Facing east, is OK, though the ideal is that they face south. NM has cold seasons! I really hope you find the right place for them, don’t worry if you have to wait longer. It will be worthwhile the waiting 🙂

            • Hi all, this has been an extremely helpful discussion and I really appreciate the insights from you and also Nathen. Your experience is very welcome. I think what I need to do is wait until my son is a bit older and he and his friends will be able to be more mindful about the bees. Maybe a few years from now. Then we can revisit the situation. I will keep watching this space. Best, Tobias

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