Santa Fe County Approves Pollinator Resolution

2 years ago

By Kathy Grassel

Recently, the Santa Fe County Commission approved “A Resolution to Protect and Enhance Pollinator Species and Their Habitat Throughout Santa Fe County.” The resolution encourages residents to make their property pollinator-friendly by adding pollinator-friendly plants and avoiding the use of all pesticides known to kill pollinators.

The resolution will also hopefully help Santa Fe County staff expand efforts to improve pollinator habitat throughout the county, and guide future decisions regarding the allocation of resources to various pollinator projects across the county.

Perhaps not coincidently, Kate Whealen, who leads the Sangre de Cristo Beekeepers of Santa Fe and surrounding communities, and NMBKA President, Steve Black, recently contacted the County Commissioner Anna Hansen, who introduced the resolution, and met virtually about a recent pesticide poisoning of six beehives in Santa Fe.

The hives of multiple owners, located in the same neighborhood, perished overnight with clear indications of pesticide poisoning. While it is difficult to easily determine which pesticide was the culprit, it is a stark reminder of the vulnerability of our bees to poorly applied chemicals.

The hope is that the resolution will increase awareness throughout the community of the need to protect pollinators from dangerous pesticides and promote pollinator planting throughout the county.

Find the resolution at and search “Ordinances and Resolutions.”