Release Form

NMBKA Sponsored Event Release

I understand the responsibilities and hazards of working with and/or observing honey bees at any event sponsored by New Mexico Beekeeping Association.

I agree that I shall be responsible for any injuries, bee stings, or damage incurred by me while attending an NMBKA sponsored event.  It is recognized that NMBKA may be responsible if I am injured and the injury is caused by the sole negligence of NMBKA or its facilitators.  If I have experienced an prior adverse reaction to an insect sting, I agree that I will consult with my physician and discuss the risks of working or observing honey bees based on my current physical condition and medical history, including any prior reactions to bee stings. I hereby agree to indemnify, release, defend and hold harmless NMBKA for any expenses or liability it incurs or suffers as a result of any injuries incurred by me while participating in an NMBKA-sponsored event that exceed medical policy limits of health insurance coverage that I carry.

I understand that NMBKA will hold me responsible for any damage to property of NMBKA, and for all injuries sustained by persons or third parties, if the damage or injury is determined to have been caused by my negligence. I understand and agree that I shall be expected to pay for damages or injuries caused by my negligence.

I understand that this document may be signed by me or accepted electronically from the NMBKA website.  I understand that this release may be terminated at any time by either me or by NMBKA without cause.