Robber Bee/Yellow Jacket Trap

Robber Bee & Yellow Jacket Trap

By TJ Carr, TBH beekeeper, gardener, CBeeks instructor, retired engineer

The entrance feeder (Boardman feeder) has been a long time valuable tool in the beekeepers tool box. The feeder is simple to operate, provides visual feed status, is easy to clean and is versatile. An improvement to this item has been designed to provide foundational value to this device.

The update to the feeder:
• Permanently attached to the front board and landing board. Easy one hand removal/installation for the feed bottle.

• Dual (left and right sides) openings for bees’ egress and ingress. Easy for guard bees to filter out yellow jackets and robber bees.
• Feeder will stay in place for each season: with the Mason jar for sugar syrup or water, with the jar and lid removed during nectar flow, or with the perforated lid left in place to prevent yellow jackets and fugitive rob- bers.

The entrance feeder is a strong plastic item that can be placed in the en- trance to hive. The updated version closes the entrance such that the resi- dent bees must utilize the 3/8” holes drilled in the side of the feeder body. By drilling two holes (see nearby image) and screwing two screws in the bottom of the feeder body, the front closure board becomes permanently attached to the plastic feeder allowing simple and safe removal of the feed jar with one hand.

The entrance board is 1×2 red oak from Lowe’s. Due to the clamping force available from the screws, the oak will handle the stress. Pine can be used by exercising great care not to over-tighten the 1 3/8” hold-down screws. The strong plastic feeder is difficult to drill with conventional drills. Use brad-point drill bits for good results.