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New Mexico Beekeepers Association serves Beekeepers in the state of New Mexico. Our mission is to help local beekeeping organizations, assist the agricultural community, promote the importance of the honeybee in the environment, promote beekeeping, bee products and more. We provide a forum for cooperation among beekeepers and support the economic viability of the beekeeping industry.

2021 Virtual Annual Winter Conference Videos

Session One –¬†Introduction & Randy Oliver

Managing Varroa: Understanding Mite Population Dynamics, Best Timings for Treatment, and Progress on Selective Breeding for Varroa Resistance

Session Two – Robyn Underwood & Margarita M Lopez-Uribe

Panelists – Kate Whelan, John Gagne and Craig Noorlander

Beekeeping Philosophy and the Range of Options of Management Practices

Session Three – Keith Delapane

What Bees in Nature Can Teach Us

Session Four – Ramesh Sagili

Honey Bee Nutrition: What We Know and Need to Know

Session Five – Keith Delaplane

Mutiny and Other Things That Can Go Wrong (Besides Mites)

Session Six – Randy Oliver

2020 Hot-Weather Trila of Varroa Treatments and Update on Extended-Release Oxalic Acid 

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