Grant Guidelines



Informing, inspiring, and educating

New Mexico Beekeepers Association’s (NMBKA) Grant Program seeks to assist New Mexico-based bee clubs and related entities whose work supports beekeeping in New Mexico and can help raise public awareness around the importance of honeybees and beekeeping.

Although general operational funding will be considered, we will give preference to well-defined projects with clear goals and objectives. Our granting priority area is beekeeping education.

We seek to fund programs that work to shift public awareness and attitudes as well as promote action to address conditions that might compromise the wellbeing of honeybees.

We have a very small pool of funds available for grantmaking and anticipate making up to five grants per year, generally in the $50 to $500 range, although we will consider requests outside this range. Grant requests can be for a single or multi-year period, depending on the nature of the project.

Our grants will be made to entities registered as 501c3 public charities, or to a group’s fiscal sponsor (which has a 501c3).

How to Apply

Applicants are encouraged to submit an email INQUIRY to determine if the intended funding request falls within the guidelines of NMBKA’s Grant Program.
Please include a brief description of your organization and the amount and purpose for the request, along with your name, title and contact information. The purpose of this inquiry is to avoid the time and effort in presenting a full application for requests that are simply out of the scope of our Grant Program.

We will respond to your email within 30 days of receipt to let you know either that your request is not a good fit with our granting program, or to invite you to submit an application.

If we invite you to submit an application for your request, please send us a one page application including the following information:

1. Your organization’s name, executive director, address, phone and email, project name, amount of grant request.

2. Brief background of your organization. Briefly describe the history, current operating structure and mission of your organization.

3. Purpose of funding. If the funding is identified with a specific project, please briefly describe the goals and objectives of the project and include an approximate timeline as to when the project was initiated or when it will be initiated and its expected completion.

4. If the request is not project specific, please describe how this funding will help advance the mission of your organization.

5. The budget for the project, if this is a project-specific request. What are your organization’s major sources of funding?

GRANT REQUESTS will be considered on a continuous basis throughout the year.
Grant applications will be reviewed no later than 30 days from receipt.

Submit grant requests and questions to

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