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April 2019 Pollinator News is Out!

You can read it here by creating an account on (NMBKA’s Social Networking Website) and clicking on the news forum. News Letter Topics RT25: EPA Updates the Data Are We Approaching The Next Silent Spring? A Troubling Discovery in the Deepest Ocean Trenches Honey Bee Colony Numbers Bee Microbiomes Podcasts for Beekeepers Interior Nominee Intervened to Block Report…

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Honey Bee Vaccine

Trying to help honey bees in the struggle with disease has been a priority of beekeepers and we now have a new tool.  Check out this article. Scientists create edible honey bee vaccine to protect them from deadly diseases

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The Insect Apocalypse is Here

While bees are our primary focus here, they are part of a greater category of animals – namely insects. Insects are under threat. Please have a look at the following article to see how much of a threat insects are under.

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2018 ABQ Area Apiary & Pollinator Garden Tour

Join us for the 3rd Annual Apiary & Pollinator Garden Tour Saturday, September 22, 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM. The tour is FREE. Please Register for the Apiary & Pollinator Garden Tour HERE for updates and access to the map when it’s posted.

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2018 Beekeepers Summer Conference

Join us for an afternoon with Jose Villa, Ph.D. Dr. Villa proposes a series of discussions title, “Separating Beekeeping Myths, Beliefs and Reality.” Dr. Villa will outline central points, and then invite audience participation and questions. Topics include: Pitfalls of natural beekeeping after CCD Where IPM fits and does not fit in beekeeping Local queen…

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December 2017 News

Enjoy the latest news around New Mexico with the NM Beekeepers Association December 2017 Newsletter: New Mexico Beekeepers Association Newsletter 2017 Inside this Issue: President’s Farewell Message Annual Conference with Dr. Tom Seeley, February 2-3, 2018 in Albuquerque Preparing a Site for Pollinator Plantings, by Dr. A.B. Bennett Bee Kills: What Beekeepers Should Know Call out…

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September News

Enjoy the latest news around New Mexico with the NM Beekeepers Association September 2017 Newsletter. NM Beekeepers Association September 2017 Newsletter Inside this issue: Thinking about Trying A Flow Hive? by Michael Duchouquette Supporting and Restoring Pollinator Habitat by Dr. A. B. Bennett Library Resources for Beekeepers by Annette Colbert National & Regional Groups NM…

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June News

Enjoy the latest news around New Mexico with the NM Beekeepers Association June 2017 Newsletter. NMBKA Newsletter June 2017 Inside this issue: Albuquerque Kicks off “Bee City” Summer Growing up on Bosque Honey Farm by Rick Cole Field Day: Bees and Oregano A Visit with the Melipona Bee in Yucatan by Mark Chalom & Betty…

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Oregon Bee Project Artist in Residence Opportunity

Work with the Oregon Department of Agriculture, Oregon’s community of growers and the public at large as an embedded artist connecting and celebrating Oregon’s pollinator landscape. Part Time//Summer 2017// June 1-Sept 1 $3000 Award + travel and materials budget  RFP attached // Application deadline APRIL 24 Find the application here: 2017 Bee Project ODA RESIDENCY

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Burque Bees

An amazing thing happened last August 2016. Burque Bee City, a resolution to support and protect bees and all pollinators passed unanimously at the Albuquerque City Council. Co-sponsored by Councilors Brad Winter and Isaac Benton, they said that the one thing that made this possible was the bi-partisan support that was laid. It took a…

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